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Mark Stevens

Stevens has advised many of the world’s leading companies including Nike, Siemens, IBM, GE and AIG, having served senior management on a wide range of marketing and strategic business issues. He has also served as a personal advisor to owners/managers of startups and small/midsize growth companies. All of Stevens’ marketing engagements are performed through MSCO.

A bestselling author, speaker and popular media commentator (CNBC and Fox Business), Mark shook the marketing establishment with his Business Week bestseller, “Your Marketing Sucks.” and more than twenty additional business books including his newest, “Everything You Ever Learned About Selling Is A Lie.” Stevens is also the author of King Icahn, the only biography of the legendary financier.
Stevens is also a novelist, with the publication of Evidence Of Love in 2018.
Stevens is available as a popular and compelling speaker. Among his major presentations he has served as a featured presenter at The Wharton School Of Business, Siemens Global CEO Conference and The Heritage Foundation.
Request a complimentary consultation today! Contact Mark directly at Mark@AlmostScience.us or call 914 441 4472. Visit AlmostScience.us and MrBestSeller.com

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